About Andy

Andy’s History

Andy, Mary, and Jen

We’ve been in the business of Barb-B-Que since around 1998. We started out doing benefits for churches, schools, families, and nursing homes, but we started out feeding our family and friends first. Everyone told us we needed to get into the business, so we did. In 2004 we built a large mobile hickory pit vending unit. We took this to festivals, craft shows and fairs. We had already started developing our own sauces and rubs. Later, as being a restaurant owner at different locations, we were ranked in the top ten of Barb-B- Que restaurants in the state of Missouri. We have entertained country music, and blue grass stars, as well as pro wrestlers and other different entertainers over the years with Andy’s great food.

We still continued to develop different sauces which we also used in the business and then sold our rubs and sauces retail. This is how we got to where we are today. We still have the mobile unit and do catering. Due to the high demand for our products, we wanted to spend more time getting our sauces and rubs on the market to you, our customers.